For everyone's safety, compliance with all safety measure and restrictions regarding COVIS=19 is strict in all areas of our Hospital. 

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, as well as the guidelines of the World Health Organisation, all the necesarry protective measures are applied, to keep all patients, visitors and staff safe. 

There is controlled entry in the Hospital, so that all visitors and patients are screened by the security guard.

The use of a mask is mandatory in all indoor areas of our Hospital. 

Our hospital has an Emergency Management Plan in place. All our employees are trained to deal with such situations so in case of an emergency, please remain calm and follow their instructions.

Car park: 
All patients and visitors have access to the hospital’s car park, but can also park on Machaira Street (for a fee).

The Second Cup cafe can be found in the basement level (-1) of the hospital.

Visiting Hours:
The visiting hours are daily from 17:00-18:00.