Our main mission is to enhance the lives and protect the health of our patients by enabling access to a fully integrated network of the highest quality and most affordable healthcare, delivered with high levels of integrity, respect and trustworthiness.


The Hippocrateon Private Hospital’s vision is to stand out as an innovative, leading regional healthcare center, delivering best quality healthcare services and excellent patient-centered care, in a pleasant and friendly environment.


Our operation revolves around a shared philosophy. We work together as a team to offer a more personalised level of care and improve the health and quality of life of all our patients. At the same time, our continuous effort to improve our services does not only help to increase patient satisfaction, but also to further advance our hospital so that the Hippocrateon Private Hospital can become a pioneering standard medical center and be ready to handle every situation with professionalism.

Quality: By setting and implementing high industry-standards and protocols, we have developed a more flexible and efficient organisation that delivers exceptional, individually tailored care to meet the needs of patients.

Compassion:  Our commitment to patient care is unquestionable. Everyone at the Hippocrateon Private Hospital, including doctors, nurses and paramedics will treat and support patients and their families with empathy, honesty and openness.

Teamwork: By bringing together healthcare professionals with different experiences, knowledge and skills and encouraging open communication amongst doctors and nurses with patients and their families, we have developed an integrated approach to improving the quality of healthcare.

Continuous development: We will be ready to address the future challenges of medical care by developing new and innovative ways to improve people's health and wellbeing.

Respect: We respect every individual and understand the importance of honouring patients’ rights and protecting their confidentiality.


The name in healthcare!