When you arrive at the Hippocrateon Private Hospital, please proceed to the Patient Reception Desk which is located on the ground floor.

Make sure you arrive at the hospital at least half hour prior to your surgery in order to complete all the necessary documentation and be escorted to your room.

You will be asked to complete and sign the Patient Consent Form (based on data protection policy, EU General Regulation 2016/679) and then the Patient Admission Form.

Therefore, you are required to:

  • Present your identity card or passport.
  • Have copies of any medical information you may have, such as X-Rays, test results, documentation of diagnosis, your medication list, etc.
  • Present your private insurance documentation (medical card or any other proof from your insurance company). Our hospital collaborates with all major medical insurance companies, but the patient should be aware that a medical insurance is a contract between himself and his/her insurance company. If the insurance is not fully covered, the patient is responsible for arranging the medical expenses with the insurance company.
  • Bring cash, a personal cheque or a credit card (in case there is no insurance coverage) to pay the deposit required for your surgery and hospitalisation. Your treating Doctor should have informed you in advance of the indicative estimated cost. Upon departure from our hospital, you will be provided with a detailed invoice with all charges and you should be ready to cover any differences that may arise. Also, it is important to note that all patients are responsible for meeting any financial commitment agreed to the hospital, therefore, upon your arrival, a guarantor (family member or other person) is required to sign an agreement document to guarantee that he/she will pay your medical expenses on your behalf, in case you are unable to pay it. 

Once the admission process is complete, your medical record will be handed over to the Ward Manager and you will be directed to your room to get settled. The Reception Desk and Ward Staff will do their best to provide you with the room of your choice, but unfortunately it is not always possible to guarantee the availability of that room on the day of your arrival.

In all cases, including emergencies, the patient is obliged to present his/her identity card, as well as his/her insurance card or pay the deposit (if he/she is uninsured) within 24 hours of admission.

Things to bring

There are several items you are recommended to have upon your admission to the hospital:

  • Personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, bath sponge, soap, hair shampoo, hairbrush, face and bath towel.
  • Underwear, pyjamas/nightgown, robe and slippers.
  • Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, dentures, etc. Be sure to keep them in their protective cases when not in use to protect against loss or damage. You may also bring a book and/or a laptop/tablet.

You should avoid bringing any valuable items or jewellery as the hospital bears no responsibility for their loss. However, all patients are given the opportunity to place their valuable belongings for storage in a safe location.